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The recognised voice of the South African Cash-In-Transit industry

CITASA is the Cash-In-Transit Association of South Africa. The recognised voice of the cash-in-transit industry.

We collate, capture, analyse and report on CIT crime-related incidents aiming towards collaboration, protection, and prevention of CIT robberies.

CITASA is proud to be launched at a time when the industry is growing and new technology informs a more efficient, safer, and dynamic service delivery.

Years of experience and knowledge sharing have brought together the best in the industry to foster growth and transparency aiding every business represented in the association to gain valuable insight and bargaining power.

CITASA fosters collaboration, a safe, secure and regulated industry and takes one stance against CIT-related crime and the safe transportation of cash.

CITASA is pleased with the generic growth and are welcoming new members regularly.

Founding Members

Our Vision

Regulation of the CIT industry

Prevention of CIT crime and saving lives

Ensuring the safety of staff and cash

Upholding minimum standards

Providing a JOIC that will serve the needs of the industry and the country

Our Mission

Strategic Direction

Create awareness

Best practice

Public safety

Engage in partnerships with all stakeholders